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Black Coffee Explains How The Release Of Nelson Mandela Left Him In Hospital

Black Coffee explains how Nelson Mandela being released from prison left him in hospital. The super Dj hails from Durban which is a city known to consistently bang out some of the biggest House record the country has ever seen.

During his lecture at the Red Bull Academy, Black Coffee detailed the excitement that came over the country and particularly his city when Nelson Mandela was released in Prison. Despite living with a strict guardian, Black Coffee went on the street to celebrate with his people!

“On the 10th of February, which was the eve of when Nelson Mandela was coming out of jail, the whole country was excited. There was celebration everywhere. I think it was about nine or ten at night when a group of people were singing past my house. Me and my cousins ran out to join, but we knew how strict our grandmother was, so we wouldn’t really go far. That night, for some reason, they were calling me to go back home and I was like, “No, I’m not going back home.” I stayed up. I was 14. Basically, we sang, ran around the streets the entire night until the morning. We were, as a group, singing on the main road on our way to a big stadium. We were almost there, and I just heard these noises and screaming and quite strange noises. A car literally drove into the crowd and just… A few seconds later I woke up. I was on the ground and there was chaos. Everyone screaming, crying. I realized, “OK, we had an accident.” About 36 people were injured and one person passed away” said Black Coffee!

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