5 Ways Guaranteed To Land You A Record Deal

Most people who hold great passion for music don’t make it big because getting a record deal is not easy as it sounds and they not aware of the process to go through in order to get a recording deal that will cater to their desired needs in music. First of all, musicians should be well aware of the fact that there is a lot of competition out there, millions of talented singers, songwriters and bands want to be signed. You just need to work hard to stand out. Getting a record deal is guaranteed to open many doors for you, even for those artists who are planning on working independently, a record deal is the first step to climb.


We have so many young artists who are itching to land themselves record deals all they lack is patience and hard work. Here are 5 ways to help you land a perfect record deal.


  1. Create A demo or album the best way you can, the competition is high , everyone now is striving to introduce that unique style to the world, you also do that. Don’t copy any musician’s style, come up with your own and make best of those songs. To accomplish this and to prove your passion for music, save up money to make a professional EP or full length album.
  2. Build a humongous fan base and momentum, you can’t just go to a recording company as a nobody, have at least  1000 followers on social media platforms and get your name out there, that alone proves that you scratching your itch of success and that’s what record labels want. Make use of social media of any kind, more especially YouTube and have a good relationship with your fans.
  3. Make lots of connections. Truth is , in the entertainment industry IT is about who you know and who you are. Making connections is easy you just need to be brave enough to handle rejection and cold responses, you must have a job on the side that will give you money to attend shows, industry events and go to places where music people usually hang out, try to make conversation with them, they might look down on you and turn you down, don’t let that get to you, be adamant.

4. Do your research, firstly research the record deals that might consider signing you, on each of the ones you                  choose make sure that they are legit and don’t forget to copyright your work. look up on the musicians they have          signed before, their history with artists and also look if whether or not they’ll be able to take your career where            you want it to be.

5. Be professional and persistent, call them up and visit them from time to time to make sure that they listen to               your songs, try to behave professionally, the language and dress code should be presentable even if you a rapper,        professionalism is essential.


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