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Shekinah Gets A Chance To Sing At Slikour’s wedding

Days after she had just released her new solo single Suited , former idols SA contestant Shekinah Donnell just got herself a gig. She will be performing at one of musician’s wedding Slikour. The rapper announced that the singer is going to serenade him and his wife at their upcoming wedding. “She’s singing at Slikour’s wedding with a grand piano and possibly accompanied by RJ Benjamin,” he wrote on his page Slikour On Life . The couple had their traditional wedding in May this year.

Shekinah was overwhelmed by the request and expressed how she feels to TshisaLive, “I am all for love, so of course I am delighted to sing at his wedding. I actually thought it was a joke but he’s serious and I am super excited. I was just telling him how I am so happy for them and I would love to sing for them and that was that,” she said.

Doors are really opening for the singer, this gig is probably the first step to many more yet to open. Shekinah has also worked with award winning DJ Black Coffee.


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