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Hijackers Threatened To Cut Off Vusi Nova’s Manhood And Nipples

Last week it was reported that Afro pop star Vusi Nova escaped death and survived a horrendous unimaginable experience where he was hijacked, kidnapped and beaten up. The star opened up about the whole incident and revealed that the four armed men that snatched him from his home in Melville threatened to cut off his nipples and forced him to sing for them. One usually hear or see this kind of torture in the movies but sadly Award winning singer Vusi went through it. Nova had a concert he was set to perform at but couldn’t make it due to his blurr vision and the trauma of the whole ordeal.

“They slapped me many times. The said they would cut my d*ck off and my nipples and then kill me,” said Vusi according to Sowetan publication. The people that put him through all this clearly didn’t know him because he had to tell them he is a singer. When he revealed that, the hijackers told him to sing for them and he did, he didn’t go doesn’t into detail about which song he sang. “They instructed me to sing and I told them I didn’t have a voice. And then they slapped me.”

Vusi’s face was swollen, in result he booked to see an eye-specialist. At the suggestion of counselling, the star said that he didn’t need it, he will deal with this his own way. “I’ve been through so many things in my life and I have to carry on. I’ve always relied on myself. The number one person is me,” said Thandiwe hitmaker.

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