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More Interesting Details Revealed About Euphonik’s Past Relationship With Bonang

It has been revealed that Euphonik actually filed a complaint of his own in response to abuse allegations reported by Bonang back in 2012, an affidavit which stated that Queen B abused him verbally and attacked him because of jealousy. Sundays Times publication stated that DJ and Music Producer Euphonik was also the victim in his companionship with Media Personality Bonang Matheba who pressed charges of abuse which she later dropped. She has spoken about the abuse on several occasions even mentioned it in her new book A to B. Her friendship with a sassy media personality Somizi Mhlongo came to an end because of that.

Euphonik submitted the affidavit in court the same year B reported him. The report states that Euphonik alleged that every time Bonang drank wine or champagne she would get aggressive and throw things at him. “Whenever the applicant gets angry or upset she is verbally abusive towards me and often throws objects at me. This is exacerbated when the applicant has been consuming alcohol as she has been on the evening in question. This is what happened on the evening of the alleged assault,” the affidavit read as stated by Sunday Times.

The DJ also claimed on his affidavit that Bonang was “insecure, obsessively jealous and controlling” and would apparently constantly accuse him of being unfaithful to her. It has been five years since the two separated but their drama seems to be ongoing. Bonang has been romantically linked to a number of celebrities in the past , she is now with rapper  AKA.

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