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Remembering Lebo Mathosa With 5 Of Her Best Songs

Watch and Listen to 5 of the best songs the late Kwaito star Lebo Mathosa during the time of her blossoming career made. Today marks 11 years since the death of the most lively and energetic musician Lebo who died in a car crash at the age of 29.

Most people knew her as a free-spirited woman who expressed herself nonetheless. There’s so much to tell about this extra-ordinary female, twitter is paying tribute to her and it seems each person is wounded by her loss as those close to her reminisce the good old times they got to spend with her.

Briefly, Lebo’s career began in 1994 when she was 17 years old in a group Boom Shaka. In the year 1999 she went solo and in 2000 she released her debut album titled Dream which went gold in few weeks of it’s release. 2004 she dropped another album titled Drama Queen. In both these albums she scooped quite a number of awards from different award ceremonies. She performed in a whole lot of places across the world.

According to South African author Zine Magube ”Lebo was a role model for many young South African women, appearing at first glance to simply be reinforcing stereotypes about the wanton nature of Black female sexuality. Some critics have argued however that Boom Shaka’s female members have used ‘the skimpy clothes, the gyrating hips, and simulated sex onstage to promote a variety of apposite concerns.This strong pro-feminist attitude combined with her often shocking onstage sexuality earned her the nickname “The New Madonna of the Townships”. 

So there you have it, she played her part in proving that black women are too capable of more than the society make them believe they are. All of her songs were best which is why she was loved by many people, these selected are just a potion from an entire collection.

Watch and Listen To 5 of the songs best songs we decided to remember her with.


2.Take Me There

3.Ngi Fun’Ukugana


5.Bambanani ft Hhashi Elimhlophe

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