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Yung Swiss Reveals The Sacrifices He Made To Succeed In Music

Yung Swiss has revealed what he went through to follow up on his passion of music, the shocking sacrifices he took to make sure that he makes it in music.

The rapper spoke of how he and his father bumped heads when he told him he wants to be a musician and that led to his father kicking him out of his home. His father chasing him away from home didn’t make Swiss any less of a dreamer of being a music star, his passion and talent was enough to keep him going even though it was not as easy as he had to sleep in the streets and crashing from friend to friend.

“The hardest decision for me was having to choose music over my dad. My dad did not want me to do music at all because it is the last thing you want your son to do. But I was so passionate about music that at 18 I had to leave my dad’s house because he told me that I could not stay in his house if I wanted to keep doing music. So, I made that sacrifice. I left the house. I didn’t know where I was going. I just knew that this (being a musician) was something I was destined to be,” he said speaking to TshisaLive.

The High hitmaker went on to reveal that his music was his greatest rescue in his hard times as people took him in once they have heard it.”Somedays I didn’t even have a place to stay. I would sleep on a park bench or something like that but the one thing that got people to let me in their homes was my music. People who heard my music would go: ‘Flip, bro. Something is going to happen with you someday. Come through, live here for a week and then obviously I would have to leave after a week. I didn’t have a place to stay so I would bounce from couch to couch,” he added.

In conclusion the David Genaro hit-maker went on to say that he holds no grudges against his father for kicking him out.”I don’t hold grudges so I made peace with it long ago but it was nice to hear him say that he now understood why I had made the sacrifice,” Swiss said.

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