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Vusi Nova Explains His Desire To Perform At Weddings For Free

Vusi Nova has shared the news that he would like to perform at weddings now and for no price at all. The Afro pop muso is set to release a wedding song which led to his desire and inspiration to perform for couples as a surprise on their big days around Gauteng.

“I thought why not just go around and find weddings and sing the song, which is a wedding song anyway. Also, if it is going to make someone’s day then all the better because that is why we do music,” he said Speaking to TshisaLive. Nova revealed that his performance fee ranges from R60,000 to R120,000 depending on what the client requires, but he wouldn’t charge fans a dime.“It’s not about money all the time. It’s actually about taking music to the people. That is why I make music.”

Vusi’s attitude towards music has benefited some people during his career. He possesses a positive outlook that could help a lot of musicians. “If the reason behind you making music is anything other than giving people music then you really need to reflect. That should be the reason. So then, why would you want to keep a person outside when they have a song they need to share within them? Why would you keep that person out?” he asked.

Check below for more details on his wedding perfomances :

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