5 SA Musicians Who Have Been Hijacked & Robbed In 2017

Over the past few months there have been cases reported where the musicians who have kept us entertained for years have fallen victim to common crimes such as hijacking and robbery. Most people are being robbed everyday, they lose their most priced possessions and some even lose their lives when they are being hijacked, it is the reality the society has forced everyone to live by. Everyone at some point in their life have been victims of robbery and hijacking. It seems no matter how the police force tries to prevent such acts, they increase instead of decreasing.

Below is the list of 5 of many celebrities that have been hijacked and robbed.

1.Heavy K

This DJ was robbed in his home Midrands where thieves broke into his house and took his electronics and shoes worth more than R77 000.The twisted part is that his case never went to court because there was no evidence or arrests.

2.Tresor Riziki

Pop musician Tresor survived a hijacking ordeal, where he had a loaded gun pointed at him. The singer managed to escape the situation and was fortunately unharmed. He was left traumatized by the incident. I survived a horror hijacking ordeal in central Johannesburg around 6pm…I had a loaded gun right on my head at traffic stop in Braamfontein. Though I was extremely shaken, I managed to escape the ordeal with no harm. The shock hit me five minutes after the ordeal and my heart sank into my stomach,” he wrote on Instagram.

3.Nasty C

Rapper was robbed on his home,, they stole some valuable assets included the laptop that must have cost a fortune and was precious to him since it had some of unreleased music he claimed he had been working on for over a year. The rapper said that he would give R100 000 to whoever came forward with information of the whereabouts of his laptop. “Yes‚ we can confirm that there were five victims in the house when two suspects got into the house and tied them up. One was armed with a gun and the other with a knife‚” Masondo said a police officer.

4.Vusi Nova

Afro pop singer, Vusi was robbed, hijacked and kidnapped. The perpetrators snatched him outside his home in Midrands, where a number of guns were pointed at him and his band mates. He was held hostage and was later dumped in Kempton Park. He was beaten up real bad his eyes were affected. The people who hijacked him forced him to sing, and threatened to cut off his genitals if he refused.

5.DJ Zinhle

The way the DJ detailed how the incident took place was rather hilarious what was not near funny though is the sad fact that she lost her iPhone. The person asked to take a picture with her then snatched the phone and ran for the hills.


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