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South Africans React To The Sudden Death Of Jazz Music Veteran Hugh Masekela

Hugh Masekela has died after a long battle with prostate cancer

South Africans React To The Sudden Death Of Jazz Music Veteran Hugh Masekela. South African’s most celebrated legendary star Hugh Masekela who have been a great source if jazz musical entertainment has died of prostate cancer which he had suffered for 10 years.

The family released a statement this morning detailing the death of Hugh which caught many by surprise.Hugh achieved a great deal of a lot in his time in the muisc industry, he even had a chance to work with the late stars such asMiriam Makeba, Zimbabwean Dorothy Masuka, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Hedzoleh Soundz, Francis Fuster and Dudu Pukwana.

Last year in July in one of his interviews he spoke of how he wanted to teach music instead of making it. he spoke of how passionate he is with music and that he is no longer making music for money but to give out the knowledge to South Africans and to help preserve culture.“I am a scholar of music and particularly SA music. I know the music, the mood and style of that time,”he said.

South Africa has lost a hero and a father of good music, people were shocked and downhearted at these news but others are praising the impact the 78 year-old had in the South African society. Some are relieved he is free of the pain he was suffering from the prostate cancer. He revealed last year that he had been undergoing treatment since 2008.

“I have been in treatment for prostate cancer since 2008 when doctors discovered a small ‘speck’ on my bladder. The treatment seemed to be successful, but in March 2016, I had to undergo surgery as the cancer had spread,” he said in a statement and further added that Doctors kept on discovering tumors on his bladder. “Another tumour was discovered and subsequently, in September 2017, I had emergency treatment, and the tumour was neutralised,” he said.

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