SA Musicians Involved In Interracial Relationships

List Of 5 SA Musicians Dating/Married outside their race

SA Musicians Involved In Interracial Relationships. SA has come a long way to actually embrace the love of two people of different races and cultures who are in love and are looking to validate their love through marriage. With the hatred and anger Apartheid left on most people it has indeed been quite a journey. Celebrity or not nowadays the rate of interracial relationships is fast increasing, people are starting to see that a person is more than his or her physical appearance.

This right here is the list of a really few South African celebrities who are dating outside their race/culture, these musicians proved that love is blind indeed and so far we have been admiring how they’ve been making their relationships work despite the talks and the looks on the side.

Here’s a list of SA Musicians Involved In Interracial Relationships :


  1. Zolani and Husband Nicholas

The story behind this beautiful couple is quite interesting, Zolani revealed in one of her interviews in 2017 that she’s actually the one that pursued her husband Nicholas. The two met back in varsity, for Zolani it was love at first sight can’t say the same for Nicholas, they didn’t date unfortubately Zolani moved on when she realised he wasn’t interested. Years later, the two hooked up and that’s when they sealed the deal got married and now have two beautiful boys.

2. Loyiso Bala and Wife Jessica

Loyiso has been accused a lot for being a coconut it was somehow expected that he was going to get married to a white or coloured lady and so he chose the coloured Jessica who he now shares two children with.


3. Lloyd Cele and Wife Janice

The two were together long before fame and money came into picture for the star Lloyd, they have been happily married and now have 3 children together. It’s still awkward though to call an Indian lady a Mrs Cele, the barriers are being broken everyday.


4. Lira and Husband Robin


Lira is by far the famous SA longest married black woman to a white man, Robin was Lira’s manager in their work together the two fell inlove, got married in 2009 and have revealed that they prefer not to have kids.


5.DJ Zinhle and Brendan

This one is a bit confusing, DJ Zinhle is a private lady that likes to keep her personal business personal so it’s only rumours that have been circulating that she and indian boyfriend Brendan have broken up. Despite the alleged breakup the two looked amazing together. DJ Zinhle is currently rumoured to be dating a Namibian businessman so there’s really not assurance as what is going on really with the DJ’s romantic life.






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