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Samthing Soweto On How The Success Of The Soil Depressed Him

Samthing Soweto failed to stomach in the success of former group The Soil

Samthing Soweto On How The Success Of The Soil Depressed Him. Samkelo Mdolomba famously known as Samthing Soweto who is a Former member of the successful Acapella group in SA The Soil has expressed how  he became depressed when the group succeeded without him when he contributed an awful lot o it.

Samthing left the group a while back, after his departure the group went huge and made success of most singles they dropped which also earned them international tours and awards.

“At first I was really a little ashamed of it (being a member of The Soil) because I was not part of the success when they blew up. I was working with them, crafting this whole sound, before it became mainstream. So to see them doing all these amazing things without me in the middle, it was really depressing and I tried to run away from it.”

Sam spent some time in a juvenile prison and said he brought a sound he learnt during his time there with him to The Soil.

“What’s funny is the sound that we eventually crafted with The Soil was inspired by my time in prison. When I was there, there was a type of singing that they did, which is very Acapella type singing. It is very prison-based. I took that and thought how could I make it very palatable. The topics went from prison to love and from bass to more hip-hop type of beatboxing. I had a vision to see The Soil as big as they are today.”

But after releasing the massive hit Akanamali the star gained back his confidence and shine and is now set to release an album mid this year. He revealed that teh album will fuse a number of genres he has performed over the course of his career, while still staying true to his trademark sound.


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