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Bob Marley’s Son Rohan Doing His Bit In Keeping The Legacy Of His Father Alive

Rohan set to tour Africa

Rohan Marley who is the son of the late Reggae star Bob Marley may not be the singer like his father but he is playing a huge part in keeping his legacy alive through charitable tasks and a tour around Africa.

Channel 24 had a chance to grasp some infromation from the 45-year old on his first tour destibnation which took place in the Mother City in Cape Town Jazz Festival.

“I haven’t been to a jazz festival in decades. We used to have them in Jamaica, and I’d watch my brothers perform. But this was a special one. I heard Corinne Bailey Rae, she is such a legend. She did Is This Love and it really blew me away.”

Rohan said that he can easily see himself living in South Africa: “Mama Rita has been talking about settling down in South Africa for a long, long time. Whenever I come here, my brother always tell me to find him a house. We [his family] see ourselves coming here more often.”

“I would like people to know I believe that Africa is emerging, and it’s been emerging. It’s time to wake up. To my African brothers and sisters all over the continent I say, ‘We are one.’ No matter if you are two shades brighter, or two shades lighter. We are one people.”

He adds: “We have to return to being kings and queens. And not look upon one another thinking that one’s shade is greater or inferior to another.”

Talking about the family’s non-profit – which was inspired by Bob Marley’s vision of hope, peace and unity – he says: “It’s not about the brand. It’s about our principles and how we do things as a family. If we go into business we want our business to be a reflection of who we are as a family.”

Through the movement the family launched Marley Coffees and House of Marley, a range of eco-friendly headphones.

The businessman and former American football player adds: “South Africa is so advanced with technology, from an entrepreneurial perspective. It’s nice to see where the efforts should be put and what the mind should be focused on.”

Rohan, who is the spokesperson for the organisation, says: “I love to travel and meet new people. I have no problem speaking to anyone. I love my dad, and everything we do as a family is in the spirit of Bob Marley. His drive and the things he loved. It’s amazing being able to do this.”

To everyone who continues to support what he is working toward, he says: “If you want the world to a better place. It starts with our word. It’s important that we do what we say, and we say what we do. Our objective in life should be to keep your word. When you keep your word, you keep your peace.”


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