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Here’s How King Monada Got Attacked While On Stage

Monada falls victim to drunkards attack.

Here’s How King Monada Got Attacked While On Stage. King Monada has also made the list of musicians who get physically attacked by fans while on stage, the DJ fell victim to attacks made by drunk fans that threw ice cubes and empty beer bottles at him and his dancers.

According to SundayWorld the music show was organised by the EFF Student Command. Monada, who rose to fame with his banger single Oska Bhora Moreki, escaped unharmed and was escorted out of the venue by his security detail.

EFF provincial secretary Jossey Buthane confirmed that Monada was attacked with empty bottles of alcohol and ice cubes by drunk hooligans.

“What happened was that Monada was performing on the stage and suddenly there was a power cut. So, as a result of that, his performance was interrupted for a while and the patrons became impatient because it took him a while to return to the stage.

“So, when he returned they started throwing things at him. There was nothing wrong that he did.

“He’s among prominent artists in the province and people love him,” he said.

His manager Albert Makwela also confirmed the attack on the Chiwana hitmaker. Makwela said trouble started after Monada had waited two hours to complete his set after the power failure.

“When he was belting out the song Chiwana, some rogues started throwing ice cubes and empty bottles of alcohol at him and his dancers. Fortunately he did not sustain any injuries,” he said.

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