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Lungisa Xhamela Says People Mustn’t Be Blinded By His Good Looks But Voice

Idols SA star says he knows he looks good but his voice is much better

Lungisa Xhamela Says People Mustn’t Be Blinded By His Good Looks But Voice. Lungisa Xhamela who is mostly known as a former Idols SA contestant has expressed how he is well aware of his good looks but would prefer to get attention for his music more which he believes is way better than his dazzling looks.

Late last year, Lungisa signed to Vth Season and finally had a great team and enough resources to put out his music the way it deserved to be heard: on a large scale.

“Most of my followers are female, but I couldn’t make my music based on that fact. I am not a crooner and R&B is not my strong point. I chose to follow the kind of music that I love and I want to revive the culture of soulful deep house, like the one I fell in love with over a decade ago.”

Lungisa promised he won’t stop maintaining his stylish image.

“I invest a lot into my image. I understand the importance of looking good, plus I know I have people, both ladies and gents, who appreciate the effort I make to step out in style.”

Xhamela has just released a new single Think about it off his upcoming debut album which is available for download on digital stores.

“More than how I look or the ‘pretty boy’ image that follows me, I am assured my music will always change the conversation. The person who listens to my song will be so taken by the music, how I look will not matter as much.”



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