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Nick Soul Releases His Debut Album ‘Therapy’

Getting to know the sexy and multi-talented Nicholas Nkuna

The highly anticipated album of the singer and actor Nicholas Nkuna famously known as Nick Soul titled Therapy has dropped and like he promised, it is sensational. Nick proved with this offering that he’s the jack of all trades since he too masters the acting part.

Nkuna said the inspiration for the album was the result of the heartbreak he experienced while travelling overseas with The Lion King cast.

“I’ve never really wanted to hide the fact that I was heartbroken when I was travelling.

“When we ended things, this album was a healing gift from me to the world. It’s almost like an actual therapy itself. When you listen to it, you get the beautiful idea of finding love, having challenges, losing it, moving on and learning to love again.”

The 29-year-old explained where he got his name Nick Soul  from saying it’s from the soulful stories he tells in his theatre productions.

“Most importantly, I’m just an honest person who believes in everything honest,” he said.

Nicholas has also performed in theatre productions including Dream Girls, Shaka Zulu the Musical and played Simba in The Lion King for the UK tour.

When asked what he loves more between acting and singing he said that he loves his professions equally.

“I love both these professions. It’s like I can’t survive without them,” said the man with two new musicals in the pipeline.

To Download The Album click on the link provided below :

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