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Chicco Thwala On How He Is Planning To Showcase Kasi Food

Chicco Set To Have A Reality Show

Chicco Thwala On How He Is Planning To Showcase Kasi Food. If there is one year in the history of SA all can agree Chicco is owning it would be 2018, the musician is constanlty making headlines for various reaons that just make him stand out, this time around he announced the news that he will be having a reality TV show made to showcase the kasi dishes in advanced ways.

“I am going to have a reality show soon. I am busy renovating my restaurant in Soweto at the moment (for it). Kasi Chef is about getting people from iKasi to come and cook traditional foods. We will have a reality show about that. There will be prizes to be won.” said the producer speaking to Metro FM’s Rams Mabote.

Speaking to Move! magazine about his plan the singer further detailed his plan on how the show is going to go about.

“We are a very unique eatery aiming at giving our guests great food and entertainment. When we started conceptualising the idea of having a restaurant iKasi‚ we had to think of our customers first and how we could give them something to be proud of.”

His wife Maki told Sowetan that mogodu and traditional chicken were among the most popular dishes at the restaurant.

One thing you won’t see on the show is Chicco showing off his liquor cabinet. The man doesn’t drink and told Rams that he thinks that is part of the reason why he is never short of coins.

“I must really thank God because I don’t remember a day when I couldn’t buy groceries or pay school fees. I think what has helped me is that I don’t drink and I don’t smoke. I think staying sober has kept me positive.”

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