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Gemini Major On Why Durban-Based Hip Hop Artists Won’t Grow In KZN

Gemini Major on what he feels artists should do to expand

Gemini Major On Why Durban-Based Hip Hop Artists Won’t Grow In KZN. Hip Hop star and music producer Gemini Major took it upon himself to addresses the issues that artists may face if they re in one place making reference to Durban based hip hop stars who he says won’t be able to expand and grow their brand if they remain one place.

Speaking on the hip-hop state of the nation, Gemini Major told Metro FM’s DJ Speedsta and Lootlove that the current slump in Durban hip-hop could be fixed if people expanded their horizons. The producer went on to detail the issues that Durban-based hip hop artists are facing as listed by TshisaLive.

Issue number one: Gqom

“I think that gqom wave came and overpowered everything.”

Issue number two: Hommies don’t move

“The boys don’t like moving. The problem with Durban is that you might get gassed up that you popping because you’re in Durban, but the Durban industry is based around hommies. The boys need to come up more.”

Issue number three: People think you sell out if you head to Jozi

“There is nothing wrong with coming to Joburg. You are making music for South Africa. Push yourself for a month or two and go back.”

Gemini said Nasty C is a great example of how to change.

“Nasty C used to stay in Durban. Even after Juice Back blew up he was still staying in Durban. I think he figured it: ‘if I need to come out more, I need to come out more. I need to come to Joburg and be around the culture.'”

Speaking to TshisaLIVE late last year, former Dreamteam member Dash admitted that moving to Joburg can be as difficult as finding a seat at KFC during lunch time.

He said the group, founded in Durban, found it rough to make the move to Joburg after their initial success, and even stagnated at one point.

“The move had its challenges and even when we got to Johannesburg my (TV) career seemed to be taking off while the group was kind of still in the same space.”

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