SA Musicians That Have Spent Time In Jail

List Of SA Musicians that went scot-free after allegedly

SA Musicians That Have Spent Time In Jail. It is once again that time to remind people that celebrities are just as much humans as any regular person and that means they commit the same mistakes. The difference would be the mistakes they often commit are overshadowed by the facts they are famous people and that they have money.

It is only in rare cases where a prominent person gets jailed for an immoral criminal activity, in those cases people believe that equality exists until the same famous crime doers are released in a matter of few days or weeks than intended.

The musicians listed below have spent their time in jail for the crimes they have allegedly committed, well, others were convicted. While some artists get away with all kinds of crimes others just aren’t that lucky.

Here’s a list of SA Musicians That Have Spent Time In Jail :


1.Jub Jub

The rapper spent a few years in prison for culpable homicide after an accident that killed school children, in 2015 he was released on parole.


Kwaito star was jailed for raping his niece who was 17 at the time, he was recently released on a bail of R80 000


She was allegedly arrested for drinking and driving and was released on a bail over R1000, she later slammed the claims.

4.Kelly Khumalo

She was arrested for allegedly attacking the wife of Senzo Meyiwa.



Mdu spent a night in jail for alleged domestic abuse to his wife who later dropped charges.


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