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Bonang On Why She’ll Never Again Date In The Music Industry

AKA and B shading each other on twitter??

Bonang On Why She’ll Never Again Date In The Music Industry. Firstly it must be said that Bonang is one woman who has had her fair share of failed relationships with musicians included Euphonik, Slikour, D’Banj and recently AKA to name a few.

The way the she and AKA started dating made it predictable that they will eventually fall-out but when they started sharing their love with the world the predictions fell out, which is why their break-up came as a shocking surprise that sparked an interest to a whole lot of people as to what led to it.

During all these break-ups it’s always hard to tell if she was dumped or if she called it off but either way the star has now expressed how she is never dating into the music industry again reflecting on her previous experiences.

During the first episode B hung out with bestie Lorna Maseko who obviously wanted to know how single life was treating B.  Bonang said that being single was weird because she had so much time on her hands now, but the best part was that where ever the wind blew, she could just pack up and go.

B also showed fans how ‘free’ she was, that she carried her yellow fever certificate and passport in her handbag.

She also threw massive shade at her ex.

“What if I never find a decent guy and I fall in love with another musician. You know everyone has a type,” B said.

It was then that Lorna told B she should forget about musicians and rappers, and find herself a rich businessman.

Here’s the conversation :

And this is how the ex-lovers shaded each other :

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