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DJ Speedsta On How Shane Eagle And Frank Casino “Hurt” Him

DJ Speedsta spits his his rage and hurt

DJ Speedsta On How Shane Eagle And Frank Casino Turned Him Down. Hip Hop DJ and Metro FM host Speedsta was in a ranting spree on twitter yesterday where he revealed that two of the local hip hop stars Shane Eagle And Frank Casino hurt his feelings explaining in a way that made others assume he was seeking pity.

In Speedsta’s initial tweet, he stated: “I called Shane late last year, finally got hold of him and he said he would hit me back which he never did. I tried to reach out but he was living his successful debut album life and forgot about me

To comment in a rather shocking way on Speedstar’s tweet is popular stylist Lethabo ‘Boogy’ Maboi who exposed him for owing her money and having a poor work ethic.

This is how the whole tweet rant went about :

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