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Mshoza Admits That She Was Cheating On Her Husband With A Detective

Mshoza says it wasn't cheating she just fell in love.

Mshoza Admits That She Was Cheating On Her Husband With A Detective. After making headlines for claiming to suffer emotional and physical abuse from her husband who earlier this month exposed her for cheating, Mshoza decided to speak on cheating claims admitting that she did indeed fall in love with another man which  happens to be a detective.

Speaking to Drum magazine Mshoza revealed that trouble in her marriage had been going on for months and that she met Tlhabe in January this year.

The star added that as far as she was concerned, Tlhabe opened her eyes to what love is. “I’m not cheating – I’m in love and I’m moving on,” said Mshoza.

The kortes hitmaker also explained how she met the detective after she was allegedly arrested for speeding and the pair became friends after the incident. She said he became her support system and they began dating in March.

“He’s respectful, forever smiling and I felt safe and protected with him…”

Mshoza is now planning on terminainge her traditional marriage, said she didn’t care what other people thought of her decision to move on.

“If a relationship isn’t working out I will move on to find my happiness somewhere else and I won’t apologise for living my life.”

Mshoza and Thuthukani traditionally tied the knot in 2017 but the facade of a happy marriage came crumbling down recently as the former lovebirds’ split turned ugly.

Mshoza has been “in hiding” amidst claims of abuse at the hands of Thuthukani. During an interview with Metro FM’s DJ Fresh last Monday Mshoza said she planned to leave her marriage months ago and that she feared for her life.

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