SA Musicians Who Have Expressed Great Disappointment About The SAMAs

List of artists who have felt mistreated the SAMAs

SA Musicians Who Have Expressed Great Disappointment About The SAMAs. Most people may conclude that the artists who complain about the unfairness of the awards ceremonies are just being bitter and enraged that some people might just be better than them in what they do. Reality is that every recording artist is talented but sometimes your work may not be as good as of the next person.

When one doesn’t receive an award or nomination they forget to put into consideration that awards are run by people with feelings and an aim to regulate income though people are granted an opportunity to vote for their favourite act, there’s no telling on what happens behind the voting room. Most artists have complained that SAMAs are bias and fail to consider other aspects of music or other artists.

Here’s a list of SA Musicians Who Have Expressed Great Disappointment About The SAMAs :


Babes Wodumo


Last year Babes Wodumo spit out her anger on SAMAs for not granting her an award she felt she deserved judging by how her Wololo track was well-received by people. She posted an Instagram video clip (which has been deleted) alongside Mampintsha cussing out SA Awards ceremonies for failing to recognise her.


Rapper Reason also took to social media to slam the Samas submission process after he was told his album would not be considered because it was a digital-only release. He explained how his fans preferred to consume his music digitally.



“I can’t submit to the SAMAs every year when I don’t understand them. Nobody had ever answered us. We keep submitting just to say “ah, F the SAMAs,” but we keep submitting. So, for me, I was like…you know? When I thought about it, I don’t really need the SAMAs you know, they don’t take me anywhere, they don’t expose me to anybody…” said Nyovest. Before adding, right at the end “the SAMAs are trash though!” said the Ksazoba’lit hitmaker.


Supa Mega told fans to not vote for him on his SAMA nomination because an award doesn’t define his music.

“Hi guys. Please don’t waste any of your money voting for me with ANY of my recent SAMA nominations. We’ll concentrate our efforts on the awards next year maybe. This is not coming from a place of arrogance or thinking I’m better. Your airtime and money and data or whatever might be precious to you, and I don’t want you to waste it on someone who would rather you use it for something or someone else.”


Papa Penny

“My genre, pop and disco are not in the categories, but I’m not interested in the SAMAs anymore. I don’t know who runs it, but those are not for artists. We know that currently, music doesn’t sell anymore and votes are not as public as they claim them to be. They already have their winners as we speak.”.


The C.O.O of the SAMAs – Thobela Dlamini also spoke to Sunday Sun and felt that people are just trying to ruin the SAMAs brand, he then encouraged artists to submit their music and let their craft do the talking for them


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