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Somizi Answers The Question Of Who Plays A Woman Between Him & Mohale

SomG answers the question of many confused heterosexuals

Somizi Answers The Question Of Who Plays A Woman Between Him & Mohale. Most heterosexual people always wonder how homosexuals operate both in sex and just generally in their romantic relationships, to clear all that confusion Somizi answered for himself.

As news of Somgaga’s engagement to his bae Mohale Tebogo continues to be a major talking point, some people have questioned if their romance is real.

One fan texted Somgaga this week to inform him that her grandmother was a massive fan of the pair but wanted to know who was the woman in the relationship.

“Kodwa somG ngcela ungsize laa my grandmother is a huge fan of you and your bae kodwa haai sengkathele umbuzo wakho. Please help me. She asks, and I quote; ‘manje uban umfazi kulothando luka somizi noMohale, ungbuzele lapho kulezinto zenu’ So please, before lombuzo ungipathisa idwaang, please answer,” the message read.

Somizi was not offended by the question but instead sent a mmessage back for uGogo explaining that the pair were not taking on roles or pretending in their relationship.

“Shemm I sense the question comes from a good place. Tell Gogo ukuphi akekho umfazi we are both men who are in love. We are not playing roles. We are born gay. It’s not an act. It’s who we are. Send my love.”

Somizi then blocked out the rest of the debate that resumed about his sexuality and posted a picture of a heart with his bae’s name on it.

Speaking on his Metro FM morning radio show earlier in the day, Somizi also shared his experience visiting conservative Malawi this past weekend. He admitted that there was an internal debate about how much of himself to show but he said he was glad he didn’t compromise himself.

“The welcome was so warm. I never compromise who I am. I was who I am, jokingly flirted openly. Everyone was laughing, it was beautiful. I could have held back and went ‘no homosexual jokes’. I was just the Somizi I always am and they welcomed me with open arms. I could have decided to hold back and not give them their money’s worth but they were so welcoming

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