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TipCee On Her Relationship With DJ Tira

TipCee opens about music and future plans

TipCee On Her Relationship With DJ Tira. Songstress TipCee who hasn’t been in the music scene for too long but has made best of each project she has delivered spoke of how she got to be where she is to day music-wise. Like many house music artists TipCee has worked with Tira on a number of occasions and that is because he is her mentor and brand manager.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE she said that her musical achievements have been made possible by Tira who she met back in 2009.

“At first it was hard‚ I mean all of sudden there were a lot of people interested in my work. People who loved me and some who didn’t. Then there was the media but Tira trained me well. I am here to stay. As a brand‚ I know who I am and I know what to share and what not to share.”

The iScathulo hitmaker said she’d known Tira for a long time and even though she only became synonymous with gqom hit songs and energetic dance moves in 2017‚ she’s been working hard to build up for years.

“I’ve known Tira for a while‚ he’s always kind of been a guide in my life. I met him a long time ago while I was a promo girl for an alcohol brand. Around 2009‚ he knew I had an interest in music. Fast forward to a couple of years ago‚ I began doing vocals for Big Nuz and even some of his songs then he saw potential in me.”

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