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Zahara Brutally Stabbed During Attempted Robbery

Zahara shows off wounds

Zahara Brutally Stabbed During Attempted Robbery. Afro pop songstress Zahara has also became one of many celebrities to experience a crime of robbery and hijacking, while most go off unharmed Zahara was unfortunate enough to be stabbed multiple wounds that left her traumatised.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE the star said that she had to postpone a scheduled performance in the UK last week after being attacked by two men she had offered food and money too.

She said that she often gave away food and money to job seekers at a shopping centre in Strubens Valley, Johannesburg but was surprised last Tuesday when her attempt to give back turned violent and she was stabbed in the arm.

“I reached out to give this group of men money when one grabbed my arm. I was so confused. I thought it was just a fan getting excited. But then another one reached in the car to try open door. I tried kicking him and fighting him off and that was when he stabbed my arm.

I’ve never been so frightened in my life. I was so scared. It was horrible. I kept wondering why this would happen. I am the type of person who if they have two slices of bread, why can’t I share? I don’t know if I can do that (give back so freely) anymore.”

She was taken to hospital to treat her injuries and immediately told the organisers of a Mandela concert in the UK that she would not be able to attend the concert.

“At least it wasn’t my hand where I play the guitar. I am grateful for that. So, I am waiting for my arm to heal properly. The Mandela concert has been postponed and I am looking forward to going there to celebrate Tata when my arm heals.”

Check The Wound Below :

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