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DJ Tira Reveals His Side Of The Story On Babes Wodumo’s Alleged Abuse

Tira admits that he and babes aren't close enough

DJ Tira Reveals His Side Of The Story On Babes Wodumo’s Alleged Abuse. When the news of Babes Wodumo’s alleged abuse came to the public’s attention leading Tira to throw some shade of Isandla Sesthathu, most people were convinced Tira and his wife had something to do with the random confession.


To clarify on the speculations Tira said that he had no idea that Babes was suffering abuse and was shocked when the news reported.


“I didn’t know. And when that news broke, that really touched me. I didn’t know,” he told Azania on the Real Talk @ 3.



Tira said he doesn’t want to get involved.

“They’re doing their own thing and maybe they need you to give them space that they wanted from the beginning. ‘Cause you remember, at the beginning, I introduced uBabes on stage when we were at the SAMAs as a person who’s part of the family…”


The Afrotainment boss explained that when Babes started popping, the distance kept growing.


“We were doing this together the next thing there’s an event somewhere and Afrotainment is nowhere to be seen there, and you just [say] ‘okay, fine you get the message. It’s his choice, it’s their choice. I’m always welcoming for anyone who’s ready to do work.”


Tira went to speak of how he and Babes don’t have a tight relationship.


“But I do have access to her, I do call her, I do say ‘eish what’s happening, I hope your situation gets better…”

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