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Ayanda Ncwane Refuses To Be Addressed As Sfiso’s Wife – Here’s Why

Amanda Ncwane on having his musical abilities overlooked.

Ayanda Ncwane Refuses To Be Addressed As Sfiso’s Wife – Here’s Why. Amanda Ncwane has veen known by others as just Sfiso’s wife which has led to people underestimating her abilities to carry out duties in the music business. The star expressed during an interview on Trending SA why he doesn’t want to be limited to as just Sfiso’s Wife because there’s more to her.


“Two months after my husband left us to be with the father‚ I barged into our offices in Durban and everyone was shocked. They asked me‚ ‘Madam where are you going?’. I told them‚ you know what guys uBab Ncwane is gone and he’s no longer coming back but unfortunately the assignment is not over.”

Ayanda is the boss lady at Ncwane Communications : “From the beginning of Ncwane Communications I was always in the driving seat. So it was easy for me to take control after Bab’ Ncwane died. I was already the CEO.

“As a woman in the entertainment industry‚ in the music space I wasn’t taken seriously because I was already referred to as Sfiso’s wife rather than the businesswoman or record label owner I’ve been. Only now that my husband is no longer with us that people notice that I’ve got it.”

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