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DJ Merlon On Dying Down After Dropping A Hit Banger

DJ Merlon opens about needing to re-group

DJ Merlon On Dying Down After Dropping A Hit Banger. After dropping his hit single Koze Kuse DJ Merlon became a big star that was praised left right and centre.

Unfortunately after the star released the song, he slowly died down in the public eye and failed to drop a single as big as Koze Kuse until recently. He denied being a one-hit wonder expressing that his disappearance was to re-group.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE Merlon explained that it looked like he was taking a hiatus from the limelight to fans, it was actually a well-needed regrouping time for him after his goal post changed.

“I wanted to regroup after initial hype I knew I wanted to touch more people with my music so I took a break from the limelight to go re-strategise. I wanted to conquer the international scene and I realised after going to a couple of international gigs that people really love us Africans for who we are.”

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