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Getting To Know Pantsula Rapper Big Zulu A Bit More On A Personal Level

Big Zulu On the inspiration of his music.

Getting To Know Pantsula Rapper Big Zulu A Bit More On A Personal Level. South Africa has once again gave birth to new talent and face of Big Zulu who comes off as a unique rapper who takes full pride on his identity and culture.


“I wanted to stay original,” said the 31-year-old rapper. “I didn’t want to come into the hip-hop scene and just add to the numbers by doing what everybody else is doing. I wanted to be my own man and also wanted to draw people’s attention to the culture of the taxi industry.


“Brentwood is part of our culture. Every black person can associate with a Brentwood, whether they wear them or know and love the brand because of their brothers, uncles and fathers [who rock the look]. It has been there for many years.


“If you listen to my music, it is maskandi done in a rap style. I am an inkabi that is using words as a weapon. I am rapping exclusively in isiZulu because I want my gospel and messages to be accessible to all people, including the elderly.


“I don’t talk about girls, booze and fancy cars in my music. I am telling stories of our people. As a man who grew up in the villages and spent several years driving a taxi and running my family’s taxi business, I have a lot of stories to tell.” Said the rising star speaking to SowetanLIVE.

Big Zulu has featured on top soapies Isibaya and Isithembiso.


Source: SowetanLIVE 

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