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Mpumi Responds To The Backlash OF Being A Party & Church Girl In One

Mpumi on what fans can expect from her this Festive.

Mpumi Responds To The Backlash OF Being A Party & Church Girl In One. It has always confused a lot of people how can one person be a party animal on Saturday and go to church on Sunday. Mpumi is that kind of person but has clarified her reasons to that.


Speaking to TshisaLIVE she said she was undoubtedly a person who loved God.


“I’m just a young woman that loves God. Sometimes I also go to clubs and sing at these clubs and dress the way I do and that’s okay. Because God looks for what is in the heart. I also think about the people that can’t go to church, so what if I bring church to them?”

“I find it very strange that people immediately assume that if you have a relationship with God then you should dress, behave and sing in a particular way. That they need to do these things only at a particular place and a context that is considered holy. But my view is a lot of people love God and they don’t have to be at church or to wear conservative clothes or sing for a conservative crowd to really show that they love good.”

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