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Is There Fairness In The Bashing Of Celebrities Seen Interacting With Arthur Mafokate?

The R.Kelly saga sure had South Africans establish their own campaign of muting Arthur Mafokate who has been accused of brutally assaulting former lover Cici.

Apart from being excused from the companies he was part of such as SAMRO and RiSA, people have lately been bashing on celebrities who are seen taking images with him.

Firstly it was Nomzamo Mbatha who was roasted for smiling so wide in an image she took with him at the Durban ANC Manifesto. What had people appalled was how can an activist against gender abuse see no fault in being jolly next to an accused women-beater.

Secondly it was YouTube sensation Lasizwe who was bashed for taking up an image with Mafokate to which Khanyi his big sis came into his defence for doing that.

Arthur hasn’t yet been found guilty by the court for allegedly assaulting Cici.

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