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Zakwe & Duncan Settle Their Beef And Open Up About What Caused It

For over a year kwaito rappers Duncan and Zakwe have been reportedly beefing for reasons most believed to be jealousy since none came forward to better clarify.

According to DailySun the two were spotted chatting at the KwaMashu Ink Festival last month and later performed together.

Zakwe said he and Duncan hadn’t spoken for close to two years.

“Duncan and I didn’t fight, we just stopped speaking. But when he saw me at the event, he approached me and we spoke. We realised how the whole thing was unhealthy for the both of us,” said Zakwe.

According to Sunday Sun’s sources close to both rappers said the beef started when Zakwe left recording company Siphethu Records, which he co-owned with Ngane Sikobi.

The source told Sunday Sun: “When Zakwe left the company, he wanted Duncan to leave as well because they were best friends, but Duncan didn’t and that’s where the problem started.”

When asked why they stopped speaking and performing together, Zakwe said:

“I’ve been inviting Duncan to all my shows, but Ngane turned down the invites.”

Duncan had previously told Sunday Sun he never fought with Zakwe.

“Zakwe and I have been fine all along. People confuse situations. They thought just because Zakwe left Siphethu, he left our friendship but he didn’t. We never even fought.”

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