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Boity stealing other people’s music?

Boity has been experiencing a successful career in the rap game so far and it appears to be advancing. We were astonished when she first released her first track “WuzDat” no one thought she had it in her to become such a raw rapper. And as we were still savouring on her first single featuring Nasty C; she dropped a second one and it was equally flaming. While we are still celebrating the growth of this young lady and the boundaries she keeps on pushing; we are met with confusion with the current headlines making waves.

A rapper by the name Karen Francis (London based) – has become apparent and broadcasted via social media her grief towards Boitumelo Thulo. She claims the banger Boity released belongs to her. She is basically telling the world Boity stole her song, this is shocking to learn. {All For Women states;} this young rapper living in England is currently hunting her legal alternatives to prove Boity has stolen her song.

This looks like Boity is hauled into a burning oil; I mean South Africans were just celebrating with her, giving her the respect she deserves or not? I wonder what will be the conclusion? The UK located rapper; also YouTuber expressed the structure and the flow of the song and verified it is identical to hers. 
Boitumelo Thulo shared her single with the fans on the 8th February 2019; following the release; the single has been well received and circulating through different media platforms. It has become a favourite in our local radio Stations. Karen claims the song is highly favouring a song she released in 2018 named Cake. 

“I listened to Bakae and I was in a complete state of shock because I recognised so many elements of the song instantly.”

“She could highlight her signature and her structure on Boity’s verses. She is a songwriter and can write a song in minutes. She allocated time to structure that song [Cake,] to put her signature on it and reveal a part of me that people are not acquainted.” exclaimed. 

She was able to inform the public through All4Women; they were able to contact Karen to write the story in detail and share with the public. She claims she stole it and changed it to Bakae.

This is not the first time, fans claimed her lyrics from WuzDat – was written by Nast C, and he happened to be part of the single. Apparently, the flow sounded like something He might create.

We hope these are just rumours that will be put to sleep. Boity has made no public comment concerning the matter, well, none that have surfaced to the public eye anyway. We do not support plagiarism, so let’s hope for the best. She is innocent until proven guilty, right? Let justice take place before we throw any stones.

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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