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DJ Sbu, Plans To Hustle At The Stanford Africa Business Forum.

DJ Sbu, Plans To Hustle At The Stanford Africa Business Forum. – DJ Sbu shared pivotal information that will usher his business empire to the next level. The business mogul has been invited to communicate and express his insights at a conference to be hosted at the esteemed Californian University in the following month.

This is the content we need to read and learn concerning our stars, elevating to the top and lifting our flag up high.   He has been timetabled to engage in a board and exchange dialogue on the creative, imaginative aspect of the continent. What the future holds in the Media, entertainment and Arts are some of the major Subjects.  
“The board would like to lengthen the invitation for you to speak on The Creative Continent: The Future Of Africa Arts, Media and Entertainment panel at the Stanford Africa Business Forum 2019,” the letter stipulates.

 DJ Sbu enlarges his business territory. 

He highlighted saying, they must not have a misconception concerning the distribution of 100 MoFayas and 100 books; they must have not thought they were going to get freebies.  He described the “ABCs” of pushing and hustling as a business owner. The motto – Always look for an opportunity to grow and develop your business further.

This was stated on social media. He told of how unashamed he is for making himself a profit in dollars – Sorry, but I am taking those dollars. It’s called planting a seed. He states, if he can be able to trade his products to a full room, that is a sign, a possibility to show you and I can do it;  to have the globe buying our African brands. 

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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