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Here Is How Much SA Hip Hop Music Is Making!

Cassper has assured South African’s of the financial status of the Hip Hop industry; he affirms there is money for the different artist to eat. When he compares the past to the present time, the indications of growth and improvements in generating revenue are sky-high.

If you can notice now, rapper stars are living a lavish life, it has become a remunerative business. Hip hop star ranging from Casper Nyovest own alluring mansions, drive exorbitant, gleaming cars. His net worth is between R11. 5 million – R45 million and he stays in South Africa, so that is proof enough. I obviously believe you have to have a purpose, a vision and a clear structure of what you want to achieve as an artist and take necessary steps in the right direction in order to achieve whatevr you desire.

In his recent tweet, he addressed a fan, revealing to him there is money to be made, money already accumulated by existing artists. He is confident in the present time of the Hip Hop industry and how it has created opportunities for musicians to have it easier compared to the past. A fan who seems to have lost hope in the proficiency of the industry sparked this by asking a question: ” Is there still a Hip hop industry existing in South Africa”

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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