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Lady Zamar Announces New Single’s Release on the 22nd Of March.

Lady Zamar Announces New Single’s Release on the 22nd Of March. – The Collide hit-maker, Yesterday on the 13th of March 2019; Lady Zamar ushered to her Social media to publicize she will drop her new track, “This Is Love” on Friday on the 22nd March 2019. She is incredible, the E’ldiego hit-maker also insinuated at the emancipation of the single using the #ThisIsLove, sharing snippets of her rehearsals and a documented performance.

She circulated images citing to what impels you as an individual to want to encounter love and share it with that one person. She has triumphantly tantalized our curiosity beyond our expectations when she dispensed the cover artwork of the track; the name of her song in-ombre. Commencing from a resemblance of metallic alloys with shades of an orchard, lavender purple & a colour between red and white, giving you a pale red to salmon pink. This has been stratified on a triangle.

The up-to-date single surprisingly is not extracted from her rejuvenating and successful album “King Zama,” she had “The Delux Edition, emancipated dating back to 2017 around the same time, which was in March. We appreciate when artists give us a flavour and a taste of their creativity, 30 seconds might seem transient but it is adequate to arouse thrill to yearn for more. The sound encompassed a stable subatomic particle carrying electricity in the waves, fluctuates from an inflated cadence to a low tempo.  Sounds like it is a beautiful song, if you have not heard of it, wait for the big day.

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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