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Ringo Madlingozi Makes An Astonishing Appearance On The EFF’s Parliament List.

Ringo Madlingozi Makes An Astonishing Appearance On The EFF’s Parliament List. – Our favourite singer, our musical icon Ringo Madlingozi stands at the top of the list of applicants/candidates for the parliament after proceedings of the general election. It was astonishing to learn that the greatly admired musician appeared on the EFF list taking the 39th position.  The “Into Yam” hitmaker has been open in his support for the EFF party and has effectively attended every event. Canvassing prior to the forthcoming elections propounds that the party is predictable to duplicate its following from the 6% recieved in the year May 2014.

When we look at their present-day number of seats; which stands at 25, it looks like Ringo Madlingozi’s chances of occupying a seat at the parliament are not far-fetched.

This will be an interesting layout, considering he is not the first prominent entertainment celebrity to trade-off his stardom of being in the entertainment spotlight for a complete political life. You still remember Fana Mokoena, former generation actor, featured in the films – Hotel Rwanda, he also rubbed shoulders with Brad Pitt at the World War Z, but with all that he still became the EFF MP in 2014. Things are working for the greater good; he is currently sitting at the 11th position. It has been stated by the party that they will solicit a plan to perpetuate a substantial number of those who stand for the present term of parliament. Mbuyiseni Ndlovu – the EFF national spokesperson who has persistently demonstrated to be a spike on the ANC governing party, has occupied number 7 on the famous list.

Ringo Madlingozi stated to the TimeLIVE interview, that his position is a result of a punctilious democratic procedure that had each candidate being exposed to an internal secret ballot – “from the CIC [] Julius Malema‚ to the rest of the fighters”.

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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