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Big Zulu Is Set To Release A Fresh Joint With Kwesta

Big Zulu Is Set To Release A Fresh Joint With Kwesta – The South African rapper Big Zulu has been away from the limelight, it has been a minute now. The rapper has publicised that he will be releasing a track attributing Kwesta and the song is called “Aklaleki”

If perhaps you have forgotten his presence in the music industry, think back to the last album he released in 2018 “Ushun Wenkabi, those that understand and respect his work appreciated his art and creativity and he attributes prominent rappers such as Maraza and Zakwe.

This track “Aklaleki” will be Big Zulu’s initial release for the year 2019, and he is working with the acclaimed South African rapper, Kwesta, this time, and we are excited. This collaboration has been in motion for quite some time. Diversity is important in the music game and when two artists unite we celebrate, and this unity will be an interesting one to witness.

What will Big Zulu bring to this joint? We will wait and see, although I suspect he will utilise his concentrated underground lyrical content or perhaps he will be submerging with the current trends of the rap game. Also, it could happen that he will bring Kwesta to his side of the road, make the track a profound lyrical sensation and less on the mainstream side. who knows? Stay tuned!

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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