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Winnie Mashaba Release’s A New Album Titled “The Journey With Winnie Mashaba”

Winnie Mashaba Release’s New Album Titled “The Journey With Winnie Mashaba” – The gospel icon, song narrater Winnie Mashaba has dropped her contemporary album “The Journey With Winnie Mashaba” It was shot live at the Emperor’s Palace on the 5th April 2019.

Winnie Mashaba’ live recording album treads on the footsteps of her 2017 album “Dilo Tsa Lefase”. This comes prior to the emancipation of the album. As per usual before you can release an album you need to give your fans a taste of what is yet to come. She has released three songs: “O Mohau Messiah,”  “ke Nale Modisa” and “Ha O Mpitsa”.

So, if you have listened to three of her tracks you have an idea on what to expect. She has produced 22 tracks on her album that is attributed with traditional, classical and represents Africa. When you listen to her songs and hymns, they take you on a journey of a descriptive catalogue of musical recordings that she has produced.

The Body of work compass over fifteen years of her hard work, sweat in the music industry. She established her songs from her debut album “Bona Lerato” in the year 2004. Fans can expect to be showered with tracks such as; Rele  Kae, Ke rata Cena, Dilo Tsa Lefase. 

Click below to check out her album:

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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