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Has Nasty C’s Album Release Idea Been Stolen By Jaden Smith?

Has Nasty C’s Album Release Idea Been Stolen By Jaden Smith? – Nasty C had a concept of how to reveal he was soon to drop new music if you can still recall he had the execution of visuals of him publicly announcing he was pregnant with a new album.

Everyone shared their thoughts on the matter but admitted it was a creative way of breaking the news to the fans.

So, now visuals produced by Jaden Smith have gone viral unearthing the star replicating what Nasty C has already done. Nasty C seems to have faithful fans, when they saw what had taken place, they made sure to wave a caution sign to their beloved rapper. Nasty C showed inconsistent feelings towards the idea. 

“Dunno if I should say great minds think alike or get mad because bra jacked my sht. I’m kinda looking forward to his sht, but I’m also kinda pissed,”  – he exclaimed.

He further asked his fans to determine if Jaden had plagiarised his work or maybe it is just a coincidence, perhaps great minds think alike. It seems fans are rallying behind Nasty C on this one. 

Watch Nasty C’s Video below:

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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