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SA Musicians With Funky Hairstyles In 2019

SA Musicians With Funky Hairstyles In 2019 – Who needs the regular, established boring black hair when you can illuminate a generation and any stage with bright hair? Definitely not our celebrities, they are fearless, bold, they do not quarantine themselves when it comes to their hairstyles.

Do you want to learn to take risks or try out a different shade of color check out our bold sisters.  

  1. MoonChild –

Midnight Starring hitmaker Moonchild Sanelly is appreciated by fans commencing in Tokyo to Tugela Ferry for her untamed mop of distinct blue curls, although don’t attempt to emulate her hair signature because she will sue! When she had an interview with Metro FM’s DJ Fresh, Moonchild asserted that her hair is intertwined with her identity, she had it patented- as one does. “I have registered this one. I have patented the hair. It is a moon mop legally. I didn’t want to be jacked (ripped off).

2. Babes Wodumo

Our own controversial treasure Mzansi’s “national treasure” Babes Wodumo is not only acknowledged for her incredible dance moves and music but her hairstyles too. You know she likes being a barbie girl. We just love how she keeps altering her hairdos and she looks fabulous in each hairstyle she rocks.

3. Amanda Black

Is known for her signature ‘umchokozo’ which she wears as part of her make-up. You can use normal calamine to re-create the artwork on your face. And her blue braids and beadwork Hair: when it comes to hair, try out a range of Fulani braids and add beads for enhanced detailing.

4. Nhlanhla Nciza

Just turned 41. If you are a fan follow the designer and singer on social media, you’ll know that she is prone to changing her hair. From bleached blonde locks to a long and wavy brunette ‘do, Nhlanhla is always making the younger ones shiver in their boots.

5. Thandiswa Mazwai

The celebrated jazz singer Thandiswa Mazwai. The 43-year-old vocalist, distinguished for her funky hair partly shaved on both sides and braids has always prefered to keep it natural or braided to go with the theme of the daughter of the soil. Her inspirational music never disappoints, so, nor does her hair.

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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