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Inside Cici’s Court Case Story Against Arthur Mafokate

Inside Cici’s Court Case Story Against Arthur Mafokate – The ongoing case of Busisiwe Twala, prominently known as Cici opened a case against Arthur Mafokate on charges of assault back in 2017.

She had to undergo an interim paralysis following she was supposedly pulled by a car for up to 300m by her former partner – Arthur Mafokate.

According to Daily Sun, This statement was in relation to an observer Dr Thomas Ramokgopa. Mr Ramokgopa ushered to the stand Midrand Magistrates Court on the 13th of June 2019, where the Kwaito legend present on assault charges.

He asserts to his uncovering, it proved Cici was in agony and motionless following the incident.

“She had bruises on the left side of the pelvic area.“The skin over the bone was affected and that part of her body was swollen because of internal bleeding. The rest of the body was fine.”

In Mr Ramokgopa’s observation, Cici experienced a fractured bone in the pelvic area; potentially could have followed with her losing excessive volume of blood, although in this case the bleeding was managed. Now he was posed with the question: The wounds Cici tolerated were they aligned with her court case narrative, Ramokgopa stated: “Yes, I would say so. She had abrasions. If you fall and I drag you, you will have abrasions.”

`Although Ramokgopa asserts when she questioned him concerning bearing children, the response was she could be able to conceive any rational amount. Also, the court asked if there was a potential of indefinite injuries, This is what he had to say: “At that time we weren’t able to determine permanent injury or damage.”

The Kwaito star Arthur, who was accompanied by his lawyers, declined to comment to Daily Sun, stating he was prohibited to address the matter to the media.

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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