Top 10 Things You Did Not Know About Roan Ash In 2019

Top 10 Things You Did Not Know About Roan Ash In 2019 – Roan Ash is a South African male artist who is currently one of the hottest properties in the country with his country-blues style.

  1. The multi-faceted musician-song – the narrator has a contemporary soul-pop-country style and purposes to advance to Nashville in the US in 2020 to progress his international career.

2. He was Born on the 19th June 1978, which makes him 31 years old as of 2019.

3. He Grew up in the early 1990s in Pretoria, the skilled artist attended Hendrik Verwoerd High School, which is where he graduated. After that, he advanced his studies in the Campus of Performing Arts.

4. Roan’s adores music, this was established as a youngster at the age of just 13 back in 1991, when he was experiencing challenges, apprehending how to play the guitar. As a child, he used to play at school carnivals and other small events like weddings.

5. Ash says artists such as Elton John, Ben Howard, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, John Mayer and Jack Johnson all contributed and played as role models in his musical journey and these influences can be heard in his own music.

6. Roan Ash started surfacing in 2015 when he managed to emancipate an album titled The Traveler although it did not have as much success.

7. Ash’s star is elevating internationally and locally: the boutique Afrikaans Indie record label Inhoud Huis Musiek signed Ash as soon as it heard him and early in 2018, they released his first seven-track EP Whiskey To My Soul.  It has already achieved Platinum status.

8. In 2016, he joined season 1 of the Voice SA where he was able to minister and elevate an escalation to his national presence. Following Roan Ash being part of The Voice, the artist worked with the likes of Dawie De Jager and Bouwer Bosch to release the theme song for “Sy Klink Soos Lente,” which is a feature film.

9. He was nominated for one category at the 2019 SAMAs, which were held on June 1, 2019, at the Sun City Arena. Roan was nominated for the Best Adult Contemporary Album.

10. The star premiered his debut single ‘If I Ever Saw Heaven’ in 2018 and it’s already piqued the interests of stars such as Jo Black, Janie Bay and Dewald Wasserfall.

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Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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