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Watch! Black Coffee Shares A Touching Story On How He Met His Idol

Watch! Black Coffee Shares A Touching Story On How He Met His Idol – Honestly, there’s nothing that makes us feel happier than South African talent shining brightly in all corners of the globe!

He took to social media to share visuals of himself reminiscing on the day he met Drake.

To his expectation, it was meant to be the day where he goes insane to the sight of Drake. He claims he had no idea how that day would unfold. But instead of him being the fan, he was received with an unexpected reception, Drake calling him a legend, which was surreal to him. He has been verified by Drake people and his next wish is to meet Steven Wonder. He asserts that would make him teary, although he won’t show it.

DJ Black Coffee made such a lasting impression on the Ibiza people that when the What’s On Nightlife Awards peeps had to give someone props for the Best International Set, he was the one they thought of. Not only that he also been bagging awards, Clubbing TV awards SAMAs. He has previously taken to social media to share that he and David Guetta had won the Clubbing TV award for the Best Going Deep Music Video. 

We are so proud of you Nathi, keep shinning and lifting our flag up high.

Watch the visuals below:

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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