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Busiswa Claps Back To Trolls For Dragging Lady Zamar after being A guest Judge on SA Idols

Busiswa Claps Back To Trolls For Dragging Lady Zamar after being A guest Judge on SA Idols – When you are in the limelight, there is certainly an expectation for perfection, your presentation becomes part of your brand.

Lady Zamar joined the Mnet Idols SA, which was aired on Sunday the 28th of July 2019. They were in Johannesburg this time, observing the young, ambitious, aspiring artists searching for their place in the music industry.

Now, it looks like some individuals were not entirely happy with her presence and character on the show. They went to social media to express their trolling tendencies on Twitter.

Busiswa took to social media to express how she feels about trolls cyber/bullying Lady Zamar. She asserted that she was a queen who is topping the charts and doing well for herself without bothering anybody. Trolls should leave her alone and focus on their own imperfections.

Some Trolling comments:

“What’s up with Lady Zamar sounding American? Be #proudlysouthafrican, sister! You look great on @IdolsSA… just not loving the American intro”

“I love this show so much. I try not to comment on negative stuff but with Lady Zamar on the show, I couldn’t enjoy. She refused to take photos with kids last year after the show on @IdolsSA She was so cold to the fans. Was quite disappointed. It is the way she did it! #IdolsSA”


This is what Busiswa’s caption had to say: I just need the trolls to leave Lady Zamar alone. I might blow a gasket over all this but right now I’m asking nicely. Please leave that Queen alone. Haters, you’re doing entirely too much. Yes, you with the fashion opinion but wearing eye liner on your lip Just stop.

“Zamar is a chart-topping queen that bothers no one. But here we are wondering what went wrong when artists commit suicide & are depression-prone. It’s our twitter-traditional verbal abuse. Just stop.”


This is not the first time a fellow artist came to the rescue concerning trolls having their way with Lady Zamar, also, Prince Kaybee took a shot to come Lady Zamar’s defence concerning digital bullies, urging them to focus on their imperfections. This follows a shared image of the pair spending studio time together and cyberbullies focused on Lady Zamar for the apparent acne on her face.

Well, we hope people can do better and understand the implications of cyberbullying on others and themselves.

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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