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DJ Shimza Gives Detailed Advice To Aspiring DJ’S On What To Do For Success

DJ Shimza Gives Detailed Advice To Aspiring DJ’S On What To Do For Success – Dj Shimza Mr Ashley Raphala was born in Tembisa and grew the love of music particularly House Music from his early days as a child.

He debut into House Music as a DJ in 2003 where he went on to win the Red Square DJ competition in 2006 which lifted his status in the House Music Arena.

Shimza Use’s the One Man Show also to advance orphaned children in Tembisa. The Tembisa-born DJ has been hustling in silence to crack the international market, and he’s finally gained enough confidence to announce his presence out and loud.

His dream is materialising, Shimza previously announced that he is taking his one-man show to Paris, France.

He took to social media to share a status urging aspiring artists to not feel pressured by societal disapproval of working for free when they are still aspiring, rather give their best until they are ready to be received.

This is what the status had to say:

Dear Dj don’t be pressured by people who mock you for playing for free, we’ve all been there. Push, be patient, respect your craft and make use of every opportunity given to you.

Shimza is saying, you must appreciate work for the sake of work, not just for the financial compensation that arises from it. There is something to be appreciated about working hard. We were designed to enjoy the process. We find fulfilment in it. It is satisfying to lie in bed at night with a tired body that has been both active and productive and it will pay off in the end, he is a living testimony.

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