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How Moonchild Rose To Fame In The Entertainment Industry

How Moonchild Rose To Fame In The Entertainment Industry – Moonchild, unconventional, you definitely, probably know her as the blue-haired sexy Midnight Starring musician.

Although, Moonchild Sanelly has much more to offer.

From her authentic hair, her outspokenness and her success in music, Moonchild Sanelly is just a movement on her own. Here is all you need to know about her.

She talks about how she started in the music game, she has been thriving for over 12 years, even though some got to know her now.

“It all started in 2006 Durban, I started with Poetry, the first time performing was, cause I always wrote, right, I did. I did the stage stuff but I did not consider my but I did not consider it poetry, because it did not sound like anything I have ever heard about or any poetry I have heard and I did not listen much to poetry.

She was doing her first year, and she was 17 in 2006 at that time she used to write about in the studio and did Jazz. And then in 2007, when she was about 18 years old, that’s when she heard about the mic session for poetry.

“I got bored with poetry in general”

She felt it was centred around being a victim in most of its traces.

“I just hated how women acted like victims”

She wrote music as well, she would fuse poetry and music together. She then heard about blazing Friday which was a Hip-Hop session, that took place later after the poetry session, thats where the likes of Zakwe and Busiswa would attend.

She ran away from home at the age of 19 and lived in the streets and found her own identity and learnt to hustle and mature at a fast rate, that she has copyrighted, yes, you read accurately. No one is allowed to look like Moonchild.

She met DJ Maphorisa at coke studio’s in 2015 and he liked her vibe. He did not know her music after two years we bumped into each other in the studio session.

“We started making music Until theee song”

Their first song was “Midnight Starring

“It’s so funny because when I wrote that song I was literally sitting on the bed and I just took a paper and I was writing to a different beat”

So, thats how her relationship with Maphorisa and the music scene began to blossom and people started paying attention to her fame. She does not feel she has made it yet, in the manner she would like any way, so all the work she has released so far is still not within the standard she would like.

Watch the Full interview below:

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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