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Dr Rebecca Malope Set To Release A Book After Newly Released Album

Rebecca Malope Set To Release A Book After Newly Released Album – Batsogile Lovederia Malope, prominently known as DrRebecca Malope, is a multi-award-winning South African gospel singer.

She is known as “The African Queen of Gospel.

According to Daily Sun, Malope said growing under poverty was an understatement due to the extensive state of poverty while growing up.

She addressed Daily Sun that all the information concerning her childhood will be outlined in her new book which she is busy writing and yet to be named.

 “What people can expect from the book will tear their hearts into pieces. “This is the story of my life. “Yes, I was hungry and we ate rats and at that time I was around 8-years-old.

“A lot happened in my upbringing and the book will sort to motivate those who are going through similar challenges.”The book will help other people heal from their past and their current life challenges which I have gone through,” she said.

Malope explained that the book will mirror on her family life during her upbringing in KaNyamazane outside Nelspruit.

She indicates people, will be shocked, although she hopes some to be motivated after learning about the ordeal that affected her childhood. She advanced by saying that focusing on the book and the play is not an indication of overlooking a music career.

According to the iconic singer, she will continue emancipating singles digitally.

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