Best House Female Vocalists In 2019

Best House Female Vocalists In 2019 – We refer to them as the first ladies of house. Now this isn’t a historical recollection of all the “first ladies” of the White House.

Instead, it’s a musical recollection of all the female vocalists who’ve come into our lives through house music, leaving them that much more enriched than they were before. They’ve uttered the comforting words of a mother, the reassuring words of a friend, and the tender words of a lover.

We’ve danced to their songs, we’ve cried to their songs, and we’ve recited poetry to our lovers while the melody of their voices reverberated in the background. To some, they’re just some random voice a producer decided to use on a track, however to us, they’re the Goddesses of house music. Goddesses, whose names will forever be ingrained in the hearts of house music lovers all across the world.



3.Ami faku



6. Simmy

7. Rethabile

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